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SOA : RPC : : Object Oriented Design : Procedural Programming

Back in 2008, I attended SDBest Practices in Boston. I had recently read Jimmy Nilsson's Domain Driven Design book. One of the contributors to the book was Udi Dahan, so when I say that he was talking at the conference, I was excited to attend his session: How to Avoid a Failed SOA. At that point, I didn't know much about Service Oriented Architecture, but what he described as a failure mode sounded like an architecture I had discussed and planned with coworkers. That session was the start of a journey into learning about SOA.

I spend my spare time reading about SOA. I read Udi's blog. I read Thomas Erl's book Service Oriented Architecture. I read SOA in Practice. I played with various ESBs and Message Brokers. I built a pretty sweet prototype of my company's systems using NServiceBus. I even attended the SOA World 2009 conference in NYC and a full week immersion course on SOA taught by Jean-Jacques Dubray. In the end, I never took any of it to production because i…