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Adventuring On

As you may already know, my last day with STG will be Feb 21st. This was a big decision for me that is probably surprising considering how much I have loved working here.

Software Technology GroupI have nothing but praise for STG. If you aren't aware, STG is a local contracting/consulting firm. Despite the challenges of the distributed workplace, I always felt like an STG employee rather than an employee of my client. The office staff puts a lot of effort into successfully making consultants feel like a valued member of a larger team. They reinvest in their employees through in-house training, conferences, shared technical resources, evenings out with your spouse, family activities, etc. STG provides a lot of opportunities of developers who like to experience new work environments and challenging problems in their work as contractors, but want the safety of a regular pay check and great benefits. I can't emphasize enough how well STG has treated me while I have been there. If t…