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Microsoft Fakes

There has been a lot of conflict about the Microsoft Fakes library recently. My coworker Jim Cooper posted VS11 Fakes Considered Harmful and VS11 Fakes Considered Harmful (part 2) on our company blog. Peter Provost, the program manager for Visual Studio, responded with Visual Studio Fakes Part 2 - Shims on his blog. Rich Czyzewski, systems architect at Fidelity, recently shared his thoughts on the library here Noninvasive Unit Testing in ASP.NET MVC4 – A Microsoft Fakes Deep Dive. I interacted briefly with Peter when he called Jim to discuss the library, but I haven't said much publicly. Today I posted the following on Rich's blog and decided to share it here too.
It is important to remember what automated testing is actually for. The primary goal it to get code that is maintainable. I think that the Fakes library, like Type Mock and Just Mock** before it, is a very powerful tool for dealing with poorly-structured, legacy code. Unfortunately, like any very powerful tool, they…