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Visual Studio Hotkey for Web Devs: Attach to W3WP

Friends keep asking for this, so here are the instructions:

In VS2010 open the Tools / Macros / Macro IDE menu itemCreate or edit the MyMacros projectAdd a new Module called "AttachToProcess"Replace all the code with the following:Imports System Imports EnvDTE Imports EnvDTE80 Imports EnvDTE90 Imports EnvDTE90a Imports EnvDTE100 Imports System.Diagnostics Public Module AttachToProcess Sub IISWorkerProcess() Dim attached As Boolean = False Dim process As EnvDTE.Process For Each process In DTE.Debugger.LocalProcesses If process.Name.EndsWith("w3wp.exe") Then process.Attach() attached = True End If Next If Not attached Then MsgBox("Couldn't find w3wp.exe") End If End Sub End Module Save this macroClose the Macro IDERight click the VS2010 menu barSelect Customize...Click Keyboard...Select Macros.MyMacros.AttachToProcess.IISWorkerP…

Global Day of Coderetreat - Attendee Report

Yesterday was my first opportunity to attend a Coderetreat. I am so glad I did. What an amazing day. I think every developer should attend a Coderetreat. Using the closing circle format, allow me to share my experience as an attendee of the Salt Lake City event.

What, if anything, did you learn today? I learned that I need to slow down and focus on writing code well. The mute session taught me how hard it is to see an architectural vision from the code. It felt like I was painting a picture using the stippling technique and my pair could only see the dots, not the image. I learned that the idea of intention-revealing, self-documenting code cannot be judged by the author only by another developer.
I also learned that Amber Smalltalk is pretty sweet. Thanks, Johnny T!

What, if anything, surprised you today? The biggest surprise for me was how many developers said the Coderetreat inspired them to go out and actually do TDD. I had expected that most of the attendees would be rather dogmat…

Global Day of Coderetreat - Organizing

Yesterday was the first ever Global Day of Coderetreat. Using the closing circle format, allow me to share my experience as an organizer of the Salt Lake City event.

What, if anything, did you learn today? The first lesson I (re-)learned as an organizer is that we have an awesome community both globally and locally. There were so many people willing to help out and make this a great day for coders. Of the many tasks required to make the day happen, I could only do a portion on my own.

Kay Johansen did an amazing job as the facilitator. I don't know how to thank her enough for all she did.Mike Clement took the lead in communicating with the facility sponsor including making last minute calls to get doors unlocked so we could set up early.The STG office staff, including Crystal, Kelly, Thayne, Marth, Ron and Chick, took care of our catering needs including correcting a communication error with the restaurant.All of the attendees helped clean setup and clean up the room.
The most impo…