Review: Domain-Driven Design Quickly

This book, available for free download on, is an excellent intro to/summary of Evans' DDD book. What I really appreciate about this book is that at 104 pages it is short enough I can recommend it even to my near-illiterate developer friends who would never attempt to tackle Evans' 560 pages. ;-)
The definitions of the key terms in Domain Modeling are clear and concise. The examples are short and simple which forces them to cut straight to the heart of the concept they demonstrate.
While this book doesn't go as deep as Evans' book, it is excellent as a review or intro. I intend to have my entire team read through it asap during our ongoing training.
Key to Domain-Driven Design is the concept of the Ubiquitous Language. This book helps define the terms used in the Ubiquitous Language of software development. Communication is the key to success in our industry and having a common language facilitates quick, clear communication between developers. Read the book, learn the language, communicate more clearly, build better software.


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