CodeRetreat - Conway's Game of Life

I wasn't able to justify a trip to Boulder for the CodeRetreat, but I wished I were there, so I watched JBrains virtual session video instead.  That inspired me to implement Game of Life in C#.  I created a GitHub repository and started test driving some code.  Eventually, I got something working, but I have some more ideas I want to try.  I want to add a World ctor that parses a string representing the initial state of the World.  I would also like to try putting a few different UIs on this including an MVC3 + Knockout.js view and maybe a WPF view.

Here is what I learned:
Get a pairing partner. I started to get tired around 1130 and I got lazy with the testing.  Now I need to go back and add tests and clean up some of the design that wasn't test driven.
Timebox things like this. CodeRetreat sessions ar 45 min. I realized I had been playing for hours when my wife asked if I was ever coming to bed.
Git is pretty frigging sweet.  I'm just getting familiar with it, but I like this DVCS stuff so far.
Game of Life is an interesting problem. The wikipedia article is worth a read.


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