Utah .NET User Group

Last night I attended the local .NET User Group for the first time. The speaker presented on MEF. It was quite informative. I fulling intend to use MEF to support the plugin feature of the TFS build notifier I am working on.

It was fun to get the chance to talk to other .NET devs in the area, eat free pizza and hear about another tool for the toolbox. I am not really convinced that MEF is a full IoC container and I am wasn't thrilled that all the examples were in Silverlight, but the talk was well prepared and Joe McBride (@XamlCoder) knew what he was talking about enough to stand up to Q&A. :-)

I actually was picked for 2 of the door prizes, but I declined them both. I have been a die-hard ReSharper user for 4 years now, so CodeRush doesn't interest me in the slightest. I also haven't done a desktop app in years (just Web and Server side development) so I declined the Infragistics components so that someone who will actually use them can have them. It was funny how hard it was for them to give away CodeRush. I wasn't the only one who declined it. They asked what software we would want and I recommended dotTrace because (unlike ReSharper, dotCover and RubyMine) I haven't been able to justify the cost for my personal projects. ;-)

I fully intend to make attendance at this user group part of my monthly schedule. See you there next month!


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