Utah Ruby Users Group - First Impression

So, last night I went to the URUG meeting. I have been dabbling in Ruby in the evenings for a while now and I decided it was time for a mentor. Dave Brady has been unwittingly filling that role, and in addition to telling me to go through the Ruby Koans, he suggested a little community involvement. I am thrilled that he did because it was the best user group I have attended.

It started off with the AA style My-name-is-and-I-have-been-doing-Ruby-for-X-years introductions. This was a nice change from the anonymous sea of faces at the .NET User Group.

We got right down to the business of blowing my mind with a presentation on EigenClasses. Basically, this seems to be a private class on the instance object that allows you to modify the instance without modifying all instances of the actual class. If I got that wrong, please flame the comments.

Next was Rack middleware. I drew a lot of analogies to FubuMVC. Again, flames in the comments, please.

I couldn't get wireless connectivity, and my Ubuntu VM crashed for the first time ever at about that point, so I just kind of watched the Goliath interactive presentation.

When the conversation moved to topics for which I had no context, I worked on the Koans. I actually finished them around 1:30 last night.

So, after the meeting wrapped up, the "Hall Track" started and we discussed SmallTalk, OO vs Procedural paradigms, how languages encourage certain styles of code, estimates, working in broken organizations, how to inspire/motivate developers, etc. Several of us ended up talking in the hall and the parking lot until around 11. I am pretty sure that, if the conversation had gone on all night, it would have stayed just as interesting.


  1. No flame, just spell FubuMVC right! haha ;)

  2. HAHA!!! That's what I get for writing a blog post during a break in sprint planning. ;-)


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