Desert Code Camp 2017.1

On 14 October 2017, I had the opportunity to speak at the Desert Code Camp in Phoenix, Arizona. I gave the following two talks:

An Architecture for Autonomy
In the 5 years that I have worked as an architect at Pluralsight, we have grown from one team of 4 engineers to over a dozen teams totaling more than 100 smart, professional software craftsmen. During this time, we have also acquired more than half a dozen companies and disassembled a single monolith 40+ bounded contexts with hundreds of independent microservices. Come to this talk to learn how we integrated .NET, PHP, Python, NodeJS, Ruby, Elixer, Scala and soon Go into a single, functional product offering. Come to this talk to learn how we have embraced team autonomy to create an architecture that allowed us to deliver more than 60 new user experiences over the last year.

What is Lean?
When we talk about any tool, technique or practice that we like, we can fall into the trap of thinking that “Everything good is X” and “X is everything good.” If we truly want to understand a concept, we need to know what it includes and what it does not. After this session, we will have a clear understanding of what Lean is, how we might apply it to software development, and when we would and wouldn't want to. This session includes several hands on activities that drive the content home.

Info about the conference can be found here.
Slides for An Architecture for Autonomy can be found here.
Slides for What is Lean? can be found here.


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