Agile 2011 - Day 0

While there were no sessions, I think that the Agile 2011 conference technically started today. I was there anyway. Here is the report.

The Plan:
Head up to the Grand America for the 5:15 First Time Attendees session. Hang out until 7:00 then go over to the Zombie Walk.

I went to SLC Airport to pick up Brian Marick and take him to the hotel at noon. He treated me to an excellent lunch at Squatters. I had the Black and Bleu burger which is at least as delicious as it sounds. While the food was great, the conversation was better. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to make the hang and learn directly from a well-known master. We spoke at length about software, languages, pets, programming jobs, XP, psychology and gift economies. It was an amazing lunch.
After dropping Brian off at his hotel, I didn't really have time to drive home and back before the 5:15 session, so I decided to wonder around the Grand America. Soon I was helping the volunteers sort shirts and prep welcome packets. After that, I went to the Agile Alliance lounge and hung out until the session.
I skipped the Zombie walk because I was missing Nikki and the kids and I know that, even as a local, I am going to be busy around the clock with the conference this week and I won't see them much. Spending time with them at the splash pad in The Ranches is more fun than hanging out with hipster zombies any day.


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