Agile 2011 - Day 1

Holy shit! The internet isn't just a series of tubes, it's real! This may affect the way I interact in here... ;-) Anyway, I actually got to meet and shake hands with so many amazing people today including: Michael Feathers, Bob Martin, Angela Harms, Michael Hill, Tim Ottinger, Jeff Langr, Martin Fowler. My mind is nearly blown. There is so much talent and experience here I almost can't believe it.

The Plan:
Attend Refactoring in the 4th Dimension: Michael Feathers in the morning and The Transformation Priority Premise: Robert Martin in the afternoon.

The Refactoring session was really interesting. Thinking about how your code base evolves as opposed to just looking at a point in time leads to some interesting metrics. A lot of research needs to be done in this area. Also, my Ruby skills are teh suck. I really need to practice and build a nice breakable toy.

Lunch was better than I expected and worth the wait. The highlight was a brief conversation with Angela Harms and Micheal Hill. I ate with a random attendee whose name I have forgotten.

The afternoon session with Uncle Bob was everything I expected. It was entertaining and educational I ended up pairing on the samples with the same guy I met at lunch. If you weren't able to make the session, it was a longer, hands-on version of his NDC 2011 talk.

After that we had there was a humorous and informative Q&A session with 15 of the original 17 authors of the manifesto.

The day ended with the Ice Breaker event with had amazing food and the opportunity to chat with several of the presenters I am so excited to see this week.


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